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Character: King Mickey
Age: Has an appearance of Young Adult (87?)
Canon: Kingdom Hearts
Canon Point: End of 2.5

Background: History of Mickey in Kingdom Hearts

Personality: King Mickey, the brave little mouse. He encourages himself to be there for his friends and stand up for what's right. Mostly his ongoing battle had been the Darkness, which is the force in his canon that parallel Light, and trying to help his friends who were struggling within them. Trying to show them that there is always a small bit of Light. He won't give up on them until they can find that balance of Light and Dark. Also, Mickey would jump in to help fight heartless or any villain who tries to bring them down. If you're need, he will try his best to be there if he can.

Standing by the statement, "Helping others always comes before asking others for help".

From experience Mickey stays optimistic and is generally nice to others. However, he previously had the idea that Darkness was corruptive and evil. But thanks to his encounters with individuals and each of the forces, he learned one cannot exist without the other. Even the harshest of times he would try to stay positive for others. He believes he can't let his friends down and would be determined to set things right. Even would let the differences between enemies slide if need for the common good. Something that Mickey's dear friend Aqua once told him he strongly believes in, "Follow the heart and you'll find the way."

Although Mickey tries to give that small bit of kindness to others, it is possible to take advantage of Mickey and to fool him. Not enough to believe them completely to be good, but enough to be an ally with him. Especially if one is just introduced to him for the first time. It can be tempting for others especially since he can be a reliable source.

One can be sure, that this mouse would never back away from an enemy, even ones twice his size. Mickey would take them on with great agility and determination. But there are set backs, there are moments when all do seem lost and he himself had even given up hope when he doubts himself. Such as the time he thought he lost Goofy or when he took Star Shard and got himself in trouble with Yen Sid. Even thinking he wasn't deserving of the keyblade before Yen Sid let him know he was.

Besides being nice too, Mickey in the past had been a bit of troublemaker and caused mischief. Extremely imaginative in his actions and even can be forgetful sometimes. After all one of his favorite things is to do is having fun without worrying about the consequences. This was especially seen in Birth By Sleep when he took the Star Shard and explored worlds. Even if the shard itself made his adventures random and unexpected. Mickey describes himself as a good sport but on occasion has lost his temper on both enemies and friends. This has been shown when he almost thought Goofy got killed. In times of hesitation and panic, his rash decisions could cost him dearly.

Overall, Mickey can be a father figure to those like Riku who helped out in his most time of need. He is a caring, affectionate King to his beloved Queen Minnie and a wonderful friend to those close to him. King Mickey is a master of the keyblade, simple spoken light hearted and Warrior of Light.

Abilities: The main strength to Mickey is his agility and how fast he is. Especially quick to jumps and hits against an enemy. Vastly dashing through the air when striking his keyblade. Twirling in the air and surprisingly strong with his hits for a little guy.

The keyblade that Mickey wields is known as the 'Kingdom Key D', a weapon that came from the realm of darkness and counter-part of Sora's keyblade. Mickey has the ability to summon it within his hand, even when he is disarmed and only he can wield it. Being the Warrior of Light, he uses his keyblade as both a weapon and controlling the power of Light. Similar to how “Holy Element” or “Life Power” works in Final Fantasy worlds.

How powerful is Mickey’s light magic? King Mickey has two light spells he can activate against an enemy, “Pearl” which produces white orbs of light that can shoot light bullets and “Holy” that creates a large burst of light around Mickey and blasts away the enemy with pillars of light, but it take a bit to charge. “Cure” to heal himself and his friends. Once his Drive Gauge is fully charged he can perform “Healing Light” which fully cures HP and MP on a fallen friend.

There is also his limit break, “Pearl Breaker” which allows him to jumps him in the air as he’s shields from enemies, then creates a storm of light around with pillars that spread around the area.

Besides being an awesome Keyblade Master, Mickey’s kindness, optimism and soft spoken can often deceive the enemy to thinking he is to be taken lightly. He’s has an inner core of strength, full of light, and has a strong heart. He can take on people twice to three times his size.

Mickey can also link his abilities with others. Like Riku, who can also perform the Holy Burst and Inverse Burst Sleights with King Mickey, in normal and Dark Mode respectively, in which Mickey hovers and shoots orbs of light from his keyblade. Mickey also shares a D-Link with Ventus and Aqua, which main focus is HP recovery. The full list of Mickey’s D-Link abilities can be shown here: Sign of Faith

Mickey is a two-foot tall mouse, as amazing fighter as he is, over powering him is not hard. If one is fast enough they can catch him, he can be picked up easily and tossed around to give him a good few knocks off his HP. He’s good at fighting back, but he HAS to keep moving, or he can be caught off guard. One could especially catch him off guard if you break one of his light spells while he’s casting it, or block one of his attacks.

Also, most of Mickey’s attacks don’t have a vast area of effect. Which means one could easily dodge his attacks if you can get out of his range. Because of this, you can be sure to knock him with a few good punches, if you can get around him, or if he can’t see you.

Alignment: Thras. Mickey's bravery and leap into battle whenever his friends are in danger is definitely proof this is his alignment. He will be the first to try and save them unless there's a really good reason he can't, plus his brash and boldness comes with the territory. And fear is certainly shown when friends are in danger like with Goofy getting hit and Aqua getting pulled back into darkness, but he immediately tries to leap up and fight back what he could regardless. Keeping the light alive and friends safe through his courage.

Other: Mickey will come in with the regular clothes on his back for when he fights with his keyblade, he may have his black coat in his pack if he needs to be sneaky.


General Sample: An average interaction and chat with someone

Emotion Sample: A romantic interaction blooming flowers or The ground rumbling in aggravation.

Questions: N/A


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